Emerging trends in Indian Handicraft with CheerKart


Madhumita Arolker                                 Co-founder – Cheerkart E- shopping Services

E – Commerce is an integral part of India’s growth story and what we have presumably achieved so far is just a tip of the ice berg, considering its potential as well as market value driven by new age demands. Sophistication in terms of technology applications, design thinking and innovative customer outreach strategies have been playing catalysts in the growth and sustenance of e – commerce, which is now an industry in itself. But, it is no longer a niche that differentiates itself on technology sophistication as the growing demands and conceptions suggest something more challenging. Introducing products and services that are of personal value with an extended scope for clustered positioning and promoting is the new game changing scenario which is also fast emerging. CheerKart rightly identifies the business proposition in the context of such a changing scenario and maturing trends in fashion and lifestyle market segments. In doing so, there is still scope for innovation by carving out new targeted niches. This is also a pertinent reason behind the business model of CheerKart with a strategic approach of introducing unique brands of Handicraft products and solutions.

Priority segments and value proposition – Global scenario and Indian Handicrafts 

A quick overview of the e – commerce industry across the globe would suggest an emerging and clearly classified business segment of ‘Online Shopping’. This also virtually differentiates commercial categories of business services with online portals dedicated for shopping. This impression provides a different overview about the market orientation and potential exclusively in terms of online shopping. Given this scenario, it must suggest great deal of value and potential with Indian Handicrafts Industry’s value being recognized to be about 6% of online shopping value across the world. This value proposition is nothing but the validation of this industry which is at about 100 Billion USD. In imperial terms, Indian Handicrafts Industry is valued at 45,000 Crore INR and it still disproportionately classified under fragmented and unorganized industry.

CheerKart’s focus to carve out a new business proposition with Indian Handicrafts products and solutions by integrating on e – commerce platforms is not only justified but also foresees immense potential which is untapped and not so rightly estimated for years. This can also indicate that the future of these products promoted online could be at par with electronic gadgets and apparels that virtually led the e – commerce revolution in India. Considering various pros and cons of clustered product positioning and marketing, CheerKart makes the right move of introducing product basket with variation, uniqueness and exclusivity. Posed to become one of the prominent e – tailers based in India, CheerKart has impressive brand differentiation with categories including Artificial Jewelry, Apparels and Indian Traditional Wear and Organic Personal Care Products. CheerKart’s Gift Cards and Vouchers will further expand the scope of promoting business as well as the product reach through popular platforms.

CheerKart – Classified Categories

Apparels and Indian Traditional Wear – With the business potential clearly intact, it is more about participating and identifying with the culture and synergy of Indian traditions. Traditional wear and apparel have the kind of appeal and acceptance which is distinctively different from other popular products promoted online. With India textile industry to witness growth to an extent of reaching 141 Billion USD by 2021, there is a very evident scope for Indian traditional wear products. In line with the business potential, CheerKart aims to enter this market with in-house designer clothes in Crochet and introducing traditional Sarees and Salwar Kameezes in partnership with renowned fashion designers.

Organic Personal Care Products – In popular sections of Indian society, there has been a paradigm shift in the thought process and connect with organic products. Proven by research and key scientific parameters, there are superior health benefits of using organic and natural products for personal grooming, hygiene and wellbeing. The upward trends in this segment are rightly supported by the global demand, which is likely reach at 13.2 Billion USD by 2018. CheerKart has its special focus to introduce authentic products of organic value in India.

Artificial Jewelry – With the swiftly evolving and maturing fashion trends, the emphasis is more on scope of design and exclusivity than on the material choice itself. This provides a huge advantage for the Imitation Jewelry products to thrive in emerging markets. Statistics speak for themselves with the present costume jewelry’s market size of 8000 Crore INR in India. Interestingly, online businesses contribute for around 180 Crore INR of the total value. CheerKart proposes to bring in exclusive variety of products in this segment to expand avenues for a sizeable market share.

Handmade Canvas Paintings and Handicraft – Indian Handicraft products are the cynosure at every global expo and rightly so this market is consistently growing at 15%. It takes no exaggeration in forecasting its growth at over 40% with the e – commerce push on the backdrop of a special social media appeal. CheerKart knows how ambitious it would be to participate in a 400 Billion USD global market by promoting authentic Handmade and Handicraft products that are truly Indian with traditional flavor of a multicultural society.

Accessories – Accessories category at CheerKart simply ensures a complete sense of shopping experience. One would find these products with an off-beat connect, to pick up something new every time. It’s a package of random surprises with products ranging across bags, footwear, hair accessories and kids exclusive.

Business Model and Modus Operandi at CheerKart

Being a promising e-tailer with clear prospects for growth and profitability, CheerKart has a proactive and comprehensive marketing strategy. With adequate emphasis given to Digital Marketing and Online Promotions, there would also be considerable focus on Offline and Multimedia Promotions.

Conceptualized and founded by Madhumita Arolker, CheerKart has its Vision and Goals set to create an exceptionally innovative global brand of traditional handicraft products by redefining fashion and lifestyle. Madhumita plans to transform Cheerkart from a vendor sourced model to a standalone brand with inhouse artisans.  Backed by over ten years of rich experience as quality expert, Madhumita envisions creating a one million customer base by 2017. CheerKart aims to become an ambassador for true Indian art and the face of millions of traditional artisans in India.

With the best-in-class e-commerce solutions enabled by latest technology applications, CheerKart has an apparent advantage of unique products promoted through well thought of marketing strategy. It definitely represents the new era of fashion and lifestyle revolution with an extended outlook of traditional appeal.

CheerKart:Creating unique impressions in an era of fashion & lifestyle

E-commerce might have already become a norm in India and net-neutrality could ensure its hope is still alive, but the story would always begin here. It’s about ditching the routine and kick starting brand new trends of fashion and lifestyle. If that’s the reason you shop online, you have them all in CheerKart. An inspired collection of handmade and traditional items would make it worth visiting every single time. Because, you can be sure of finding stuff that appeals – handmade jewelry, apparels, paintings, fashion accessories, gift items, dolls, kids footwear, organic skincare products and lots more. The product range is well classified and presented with uniqueness. It has all the reasons to engage shopping enthusiasts, retailers, corporate houses and event organizers. After all shopping at CheerKart is such an engaging experience that makes one relate to their preferences. The joys are unlimited if you are a lone lady shopping all day long, spare the blush and share it as you go…CheerKart is just getting better.

Online reputation management

To begin with, you need to believe that a lot of unfamiliar faces across the globe know you through the web image that you or someone else created for you.  Corporate tie up, Takeovers, Sales, Job search, Relationship status are some of the aspects that get immensely influenced by the online repute of an individual or firm. The percentage of internet savvy adults are on a speedy rise, thereby making online profile search a common practice.

Online reputation management is not as abstruse as it sounds but is the modern day mantra to market your positives through the internet.  This industry came into play in 2007 and ever since it has been evolving by leaps and bounds.  There are agencies that manage reputation for big and small businesses and also for renowned personalities all over the world.

The dynamics of online reputation management is so stirring that it can make or break a business empire. For example, the 80 plus years old Toyota is one of the topmost car Brands in the world and the tremendous reputation it has in peoples minds is irreplaceable. People know Toyota not only for its quality but also for it’s prompt service. “Toyota Way” by Dr. Jeffrey Liker has helped spread the word about how an establishment can reach at the top by following Toyotas two basic concepts of  respect for people and continuous improvement. Thus, people know what Toyota stands for and that is the most important objective of branding.

What are the top 5 tricks to online reputation management?

It is all about labelling yourself right. As they say, if you can take care of your basics the rest will follow. Here are some tips to present yourself as a trustworthy enterprise by pursuing the below mentioned approach.

1. Use customer complaints as your strength and their feedback as your mirror:

Address customer complaints on a priority basis. Get to the root of the feedback by employing your best problem solving skills. Be apologetic and surprise the customer with your quick response. Don’t give up until you have given your 100% in leaving the customer happy.  This speaks a great deal about your credibility online or elsewhere. Negative reviews about poor complaint handling can do a lot of damage.  Pushing down any negative publicity by adding positive remarks, do not always go a long way unless there are solid credentials to back it up.

2. Be smart in deciding what you want to show on the web:

Choose your best shot and testimonial to speak about you or your business. Remember, whether you like it or not you are open to being monitored anytime by anyone on the web. Product endorsements, photographs of corporate celebrations, press conference videos, editorials about your industry, videos / manuals of instructions to use your product or service, accreditation of your board members, etc., are examples of some of the things which could add value to your web image

3. Bona fide stamp of authenticity gives a lot of confidence to customers:

One of the easiest ways to market your products is by presenting real time reviews from users of your product. Getting authenticated by a certifying body like ISO, COPC,PCI, etc., adds to the reliability of a corporation. Sometimes, organizations create fake blogs and hire bloggers to do the job where they agree upon strict terms of non-disclosure. However, it is important to remember, manipulation would not get you that far. Have you heard of any organization which has reached the top by maneuvering their reputation?

4. Tie ups with other companies or websites to promote yourself:

Third party sites provide a good platform for advertisements. This is a good way to make yourself conspicuous to the prospective consumer base. The horizon is limitless and all you have to is get past the conventional methods.

5. Use technology to cut down negative reviews:

Making use of web crawlers like spam bots to push down negative reviews or the publicity of it, is in vogue.  Also, giving away products for free in lieu of surveys and feedback gives an impression that you are interested beyond doubt in improving your quality.

For a business enterprise, a good online reputation of the board members, its values, products and services is like a battle half won.

Statistics on this subject really stress highly on the importance of a well thought of plan to manage one’s reputation online.  You would be surprised to know that almost 86% of US online adults search for someone else’s profile on the web.  This search decides not only their future endeavors into business and personal life but also helps them decide on which electoral candidates they should vote for.  You can assess your standing on the web by running a search for your own profile and you would be surprised to see how many sites have your name and pictures on them.

Irrespective of whether you are a business enterprise or an individual, go on and let your worth be shown outright to the entire web generation and be ready to reap its results in no time.

Are you an entrepreneur or a freelancer?

Go ahead and try the above techniques right away.

Don’t forget to share the results with us once you do.

Post any additional inquiries or support required and we will be more than happy to help.

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