Stoles and You: 5 Stole Styling Tips

Stoles, Scarves and Shawls are totally synonymous with each other for today’s fashionistas. While it may be surprising to know that the three little words above owe their ancestry to different places, at different times and for different purposes. Stoles are believed to have found its origin during the biblical times where Jesus used to clean his disciples feet with it and then it started being used by the priests. Scarves were used by Roman men to keep clean from the sweat in warm weather while shawls were woven on Pashmina by the Kashmiris in the 1600s to keep warm.  One thing common in them was that they were all used by men initially.

Now that women realized that the three S’s could be gracefully used by them, they also innovated new styling techniques with these accessories.

Let’s discuss the top 5 ways to use the three S’s in order to give you a different look every time:

Sport a killer biker’s look: Team up an artistic stole with a white half sleeves T-shit and blue denim. Wear your high-neck brown moots and do not forget to wear that attitude without which no look is complete…Your aviator sunglasses would definitely complement the attire..

A Formal Corporate look: What works better than a pure silk stole neatly draped around your neck on a business suit? A pair of stilettos, a stone studded silver watch and silver ear studs would add to the glory.

A desi girl look: Well, there’s a difference between a desi girl look and the so called “behenji” look and I’m sure all you girls out there would agree with me! It all depends on how you carry the yourself in that attire…Always remember, we do not accessorize to hide anything but to accentuate our style quotient…therefore stop wearing a stole because you are told that you have to…wear it in style and wear it your way in the color combination you feel is right for your kurti or salwar kameez…My personal style is Pure Cotton kurti in a pastel shade on blue denim with a bright color stole or a shawl (my favorite would be a stole with with mural paintings) draped around my neck (some of my draping styles mentioned below)..I don’t mind carrying  a bright colored scarf instead of a stole with this attire… 😉


Of course a beat the winters look: This is one of my most favorite looks but Alas! Hardly get a chance to flaunt this one..Hardly any winters in Goa. A chequered woollen shawl around your head and shoulders with your black long coat and high boots with black wayfarers is the smartest of all the looks. Check it out the next time if you already haven’t.

A casual matter-of-fact look: A shawl can be very handy if you are stepping into a theatre or a shopping mall or even offices as the centralized Air conditioning is not customized to suit everyone’s needs..So why carry the shawl in your bag for such times? Just drape it around yourself casually and be a head turner for your beautiful collection and your unique style..

I feel there’s no good or bad style, it’s all about how you carry yourself around. Don’t forget to wear that smile with attitude…

Style tip: Infuse art in your style and that speaks volumes about your personality in unspoken words…


3 Things that make a celebrity look the way she does ….

Whats so special about a celebrity? Fame, looks, popularity etc.

Lets look at it this way:

  1. It’s mostly about what she thinks about herself and how much she believes in  what she does
  2. The confidence exudes in her personality giving her an edge over the mediocre
  3. The clothes she wears and the way she grooms herself up

If we start from point no.3, its not that difficult to get there step by step. These day its really easy to get the most fashionable dresses at the most affordable pricing at the click of a mouse.

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Be Happy ! Believe in yourself as you are a celebrity in your own domain…..Spread the Cheer!

Oh Really !!! Tanjore Painting’s making a Fashion Statement !

Walls without adornments are mere partitions and what could be a better way to embellish them than with one of the most primitive art forms of India, born in the 16th century during the rule of the Nayakas and the Marathas, in the southern part of India.

Tanjore paintings were primarily made to depict different Indian deities and rulers. However, this painting form has evolved over the years into a more creative one and is expanding its domain to figurative and landscapes.

Bagwad GitaKrishna 3

It can be creatively used to give a very contemporary look to a setup by bringing in a flavor of fusion culture between the west and the east.

Did you Know that use of this art is no more restricted to the beautification of walls but has found its way into the apparel designing and fashion accessories segments.  Prints of Tanjore paintings are being used   on bag, accessories and clothes.


The DeZire collection of Art Jewellery boasts of some exclusive Tanjore Jewellery sets which makes a big fashion statement if clubbed with Indian or Arabic traditional wear.

An eye for beauty and  the craze for exclusivity made this art-form claim its unique place in the global platform.

Did you Know about Ahimsa Silk / Peace Silk / Vegetarian Silk ?

Here are some interesting facts about Silk production. A great respite for vegetarians and sections who protest against cruelty to animals. Vegetarian silk is made from the cocoon of the silkworm without killing the pupae.  The silkworm which is actually a caterpillar and not a worm is allowed to hatch after metamorphosis  and then the cocoon is used to make the silk. When the metamorphosis happens the moth escapes by making holes in the cocoon which results in the final silk product being a little bumpy at places although the feel is softer. The bumps happen due to the short length of silk fibers resulting from holes in the cocoon.

The more labour intensive procedure of extraction makes it more expensive. However, this kind of silk produced mostly in southern India is exported worldwide and is high in demand.

The five biggest producer of Silk in India are Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. China is the biggest producer in the world followed by India.

Pure Silk clothes such as the stoles and shawls are considered to be very comfortable and make a great style statement.

Top 3 links to shop online for silk stoles are

  2. 2.

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Valeria Levitin,The World’s Thinnest Woman Campaigns Against Anorexia

Anna Friel is setting a bad example for teenagers, who are vulnerable to celebrity life styles. She has gone on records saying that she is supplementing her diet by having 12 glasses of a mixture in a day that will keep her ageless. The mix is of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water. For the past several weeks she is on this extreme diet where she consumes nothing but 12 glasses of this mix. Well, a lot of diet experts have said that it is “extreme and unnecessary” and it is devoid of the essential nutrients needed by the body.

I appreciate the brave front that Valeria has been able to put up in sharing her story with everyone…I really hope she gets well soon and i Know she will, as shes got the determination to do it…All the best to Valeria !!!


I saw Valeria first time by the pool in Monaco,Monte Carlo two years ago.I still remember the shock of that moment… I was mesmerized by the person in front of me or better said “the dead walking ” in front of me… After the shock passed I had the strongest feeling to run to her and hug her,to listen to her story and find a way to help her. Something stopped me…. the idea that maybe she’ll get it wrong,that maybe my reaction could scared her,the person near me, telling me to stop staring at her…. But really how could everybody be so calm and cool like everything was ok when in one corner of the pool was sunbathing the skeletal system from the anatomy class back in school?!Are we so egocentric that we don’t see the suffering around us?!

The story of Valeria came out in the media at the end…

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