How to control blood sugar level naturally?

As a rule of thumb, normal fasting blood sugar level should be between 70 mg/dl to 100 mg/dl.  Anything between 100 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl is considered as prediabetes and anything above this is diagnosed by doctors as diabetes.  When your  pancreas gives up on producing the insulin that is required to control sugar in the blood, the count goes haywire and that is when they say that the levels are too high.  Excessive intake of carbohydrate, irregular eating habits and lack of exercise causes hormonal disorders and thereby disturbs the functioning of your body in the way it is naturally programmed to do.

A healthy lifestyle and a consistent regime to keep the body fit is the mantra to a diabetic free life.  A few easy to achieve tips to keep blood sugar levels under control are mentioned in this article.

  • The first thing is to get a blood sugar level monitor 

In order to control the levels one must regularly check the levels, at least once in a fortnight.

  • Get your eating in place 

Avoid eating oily and junk food .Include a lot of nonstarchy vegetables and fruits in your diet.  Broccoli, green beans, spinach, papaya, cucumber are some of the fruits and vegetables that one must include in their diet.  Oatmeal is a good substitute for Rice.  It’s better to have brown bread rather than the white ones as the white ones instantly raises the sugar levels.  Whereas, the brown bread takes longer to digest and therefore the release of sugar is delayed. Eat stuff that takes time to digest and is high in soluble fibres.

Meat that is rich in protein is said to be controlling the sugar levels well.  Fish like salmon and skinned chicken, grilled or roasted is advisable.

Adding a quarter to half a spoon of cinnamon powder per day in your diet is said to be aiding the process of keeping your sugar levels under control.

  • Don’t  skip your meals and eat in moderate quantities:

More than what you are eating, how much and how often you are eating is significant.  Ensure that you eat everything in moderate quantities and eat every 2-3 hrs.  Skipping a meal is extremely hazardous for the sugar levels.  This disturbs the normal functioning and due to skipping a meal you may end up overeating and this in turn causes a fluctuation in the sugar levels in your body.

  • Keep yourself hydrated in the right way

Plain water is the best to keep the body hydrated as high sugar level may cause frequent urination thereby dehydrating the body.  Avoid sugary and carbonated beverages.  Drinking alcoholic beverages in moderate quantities is not a taboo however, that depends on the reading of blood sugar level in your body and should be consulted with your doctor. 

  • Work out and get a good sleep

Working out is the key to controlling your sugar levels.  In order to ensure, that the carbs you may have consumed throughout the day does not get stored in your body as layers of fat, you need to burn it out.

This would also help you get a good sleep.  Lack of sleep again messes up with your hormones and affects the normal functioning of the insulin.

  • Detoxify at a natural health clinic

There are a lot of naturopathy centres all over the world. All you need  to do is to take some time out for yourself and go through a natural detoxifying treatment in one of these centres at least once in a year. This helps in getting your stress levels under control and it puts you on a healthy diet while you are there at the center. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to naturally heal their bodies.

Remember, when you are trying to control your blood sugar levels, you are automatically controlling your cholesterol levels at the same time, as both of them go hand in hand.



Don’t worry, be happy !!!

Ever wondered, why you were born..what’s your purpose in life ??? Vedas say it’s to attain Moksha …but what does it mean to a layperson like me…Well, after a lot of reading, research and introspection, I arrived at the below key points:

  • Be bindaas
  • Don’t get angry
  • Don’t criticize
  • Don’t be idle
  • think positive and constructive
  • Work hard and party harder [definition of “party” may vary from person to person]
  • Buy gifts for others as it makes you happy
  • laugh but not at others
  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water
  • Don’t be a moron
  • Forgive your offenders
  • Don’t take crap and sort it out then and there
  • Don’t carry extra baggage on your soul
  • Go shopping once in a while
  • Be with some lively pals and chat up wid them every once in a while

How far can Naturopathy go as a healing touch?

Naturopathy in simple words would mean natural healing.  This is a process of getting the ailing close to the nature and use natural therapies to cure it.  Naturopathy doesn’t recommend EBMs (evidence based medicines) and they are considered as alternatives.  This form of treatment is said to be based on experience and anecdotes.  Some of the different forms of naturopathy are reiki, nutrition diets, massage therapies, acupuncture, herbal medicines etc

Naturopathy is about being pre-emptive.  When integrated with other methods of treatment it works wonders.  For terminal diseases like Cancer, EBMs (evidence based medicines) are more recommended.  Then it is complemented by alternative treatments like detoxifying, yoga, meditation and a diet plan.

There are naturopathy treatment centers all across the world and they are highly acclaimed for their rejuvenating effects.  All of these centers follow a vegetarian diet and prohibit you from smoking, drinking liquor or caffeinated drinks.  Some of these centers follow a fasting theory for a few hours in the day or some days of the week while some follow the theory of “Silence Heals”., which means you are not allowed to talk for as along as you are there in the center.  Naturopathy is based on the belief that all diseases are caused due to insufficient nutrients or some anomalies in the energy circle that surrounds one.  So, the idea is to replenish the body with the required ingredients and revive the energy circle to allow the body heal itself the natural way.

There are schools that teach this form of treatment and there are courses with duration of 4 yrs and above.  There are naturopathy physicians who are licensed under these training programs to carry out their practice.  They are trained to do minor surgeries and tests.  However there are Naturopaths that practice purely based on their apprenticeship with another doctor and they do not carry a license.  One needs to be very careful of quacks when going to a naturopath.  Their treatment is more often feelings based and nothing really substantiates the treatment being given.  Naturopathy doesn’t even recommend pediatric vaccination although scientific research has proved that children not getting these vaccinations are more susceptible to the infections than the other children who got them.

Undergoing the naturopathy therapies like massage & rejuvenation camps are extremely relaxing and soothing for the nerves.  There are therapies for stress, post delivery tummy, spondylosis, depression, body aches etc…  The diets subscribed for different ailments are very effective and detoxifying.  The meditation and reiki camps really play with your energy fields to let positive energy dwell within you and your surroundings.

So, the alternative treatment really complements the EBMs in true sense of the word and I think it’s incomplete as a stand alone.  Therefore, one must use their prudence and discretion when going for the alternative treatment specially in cases that need immediate medical attention.

Valeria Levitin,The World’s Thinnest Woman Campaigns Against Anorexia

Anna Friel is setting a bad example for teenagers, who are vulnerable to celebrity life styles. She has gone on records saying that she is supplementing her diet by having 12 glasses of a mixture in a day that will keep her ageless. The mix is of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water. For the past several weeks she is on this extreme diet where she consumes nothing but 12 glasses of this mix. Well, a lot of diet experts have said that it is “extreme and unnecessary” and it is devoid of the essential nutrients needed by the body.

I appreciate the brave front that Valeria has been able to put up in sharing her story with everyone…I really hope she gets well soon and i Know she will, as shes got the determination to do it…All the best to Valeria !!!


I saw Valeria first time by the pool in Monaco,Monte Carlo two years ago.I still remember the shock of that moment… I was mesmerized by the person in front of me or better said “the dead walking ” in front of me… After the shock passed I had the strongest feeling to run to her and hug her,to listen to her story and find a way to help her. Something stopped me…. the idea that maybe she’ll get it wrong,that maybe my reaction could scared her,the person near me, telling me to stop staring at her…. But really how could everybody be so calm and cool like everything was ok when in one corner of the pool was sunbathing the skeletal system from the anatomy class back in school?!Are we so egocentric that we don’t see the suffering around us?!

The story of Valeria came out in the media at the end…

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Beware of DOG’s opposite gender !!!

Reasons one should beware of them:

  • They can run you out of your fuel / energy
  • They can get your confidence down to the pit bottom
  • The irritation can get tough to handle
  • They also can get you extremely angry and desperate

How to handle them:

  • Pick up a stone to scare them out but don’t hit, as they are a weak hearted breed
  • Don’t try to change them as they will not
  • Don’t hurt them, after all they are the more sensitive gender
  • Read into the cues for when it’s going to get tough for you and immediately disappear

But rest assured, they are not going to bite you….So enjoy the phenomenon !!!

Dining options in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most populated cities of British Columbia in Canada.  This seaport coastal city is amongst the most beautiful and scenic ones in the world.  It’s breathtaking beauty and it’s ecological intelligence with the diversity of culture, has been the reason for it being ranked regularly as one of the most liveable cities worldwide, in the Annual quality-of-life surveys.

It’s a delight to be dining in this magnificent city of Vancouver.  It offers a plethora of options with delectable cuisine from all across the world.

If you want to savor some Bouef bourguignon which is a stew of braised beef in red wine and other seasonings or you want to have a French traditional soup made of onions and beef stock, you will find it all here.  There are some reputed French fine dining restaurants that serve authentic mouth watering French cuisines.  Not to mention the luscious and fragrant French wine and of course a diverse French cheese platter which has something for all palates.  Some of the best known restaurants recommended by the locals across the city are Lumpier Restaurants, Le Crocodile, Provence Marina side, etc., .

Then there is a wide variety for the worlds most popular cuisine.  Yes, we are talking about the Chinese cuisine.  Tickle your taste buds with the most authentic tofu or a sweet n Sour pork (chicken).  Also, the wide variety of Juicy wontons made in the traditional way in different Chinese regional sauces would be a delight to savor.  The spring rolls, peking duck and noodles that you will get in Vancouver wouldn’t be any less that what you would get in China.  So go ahead and start your dinner with a refreshing Chinese soup.  Some popular Chinese restaurants in Vancouver are Kirin Seafood restaurant, Toko Foods, Hon’s Wun-Tun House etc.

Don’t be disappointed if you have a liking for the tangy and spicy masalas from India. One can get Tandooris and tikkas both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian as well as the briyanis and the pulaos.  The shorbas are not less accompanied by Indian breads.  Vij’s, Palki, Maurya are some of the popular Indian restaurants in Vancouver.

Not to forget the chicken in skewers grilled over charcoal called Yakitori, a famous Japanese dish which can be accompanied with a large glass of beer and Ramen (long Chinese noodles cooked in a variety of sauces).  Well, then comes the Sushi which is one of the most popular dishes outside Japan.  There are restaurants which specialize in preparing Sushi almost in every corner of the city and these are thronged by locals as well as celebrities.

Italian food is quite a delight to the palate.  The pizzas, pastas, Italian breads with the grilled and poached vegetables/meat/fish etc are the most easily available ones.  The French and Dutch influenced Belgian restaurants are a common sight here.  There are a lot of grill and Satay bars that may attract your attention.

Thus, diversity in culture truly reflects in the availabilty of varied cuisine all around the city. The restaurants are not only known for their delicious food or beverage but also for the service provided.  Generally people from Vancouver are well known for their friendly and hospitable nature, which in turn reflects in the service provided. So just get, set and go ! Just log in to one of the gastronomical sites on the web to pick one of the restaurants that suit your taste and to book your table for  this evening …

Mantras to staying young and Healthy

Prior to following the mantra it’s imperative to understand the meaning of “staying young”.  Our physical body would give way and time will inevitably have it’s mark on it.  Doesn’t matter if you use Botox or not,  it is just impossible to reverse the laws of nature and defeat time.  All that we can do is to rise above the physical beauty and focus on our inner selves.

To me staying young would be to have our thoughts in line with the current trends.  If our thoughts are in vogue, all the other things would take care of themselves.  Well, then again a happy mind would let us think in vogue.  So being happy is the crux of staying young.

Here are a few simple tips that may help us:

  1. 1.        Get a control on your taste buds:

Avoid junk.  Say no to red meat.  Do not consume more than 12 oz of alcohol in a day.  Do not smoke as it really makes you look old.

Eat a lot of ingredients that have Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants.  Eat green and leafy vegetables and fruits.  Consider having dry fruits and the best one of them all would be walnuts.

Have green tea.  One serving of red wine per day, they say is good for your heart and blood circulation.

  1. 2.        Keep yourself in shape:

This is really important as you need to feel good about yourself in the way you look.  There’s no better feeling than knowing how well maintained & fit you are.  So love yourself at least that much.  My firm belief is that if you don’t love yourself, then you can’t vouch for loving others as well, no matter how selfless you are.  Give yourself at least 15 min everyday to work out, e.g., yoga, dancing or regular exercise.

  1. 3.        Endeavour to be stress free:

“Meditation” is the key word.  There are a lot of things that may happen at home or office that may get you stressed but your goal is not to allow this.  So what do you do?  Moment you feel the adrenaline rush, you calm yourself down and sit quietly in a place where you know that nobody is going to disturb you for at least 10 min, while chanting any mantra and breathing in and out.  Focus on the inhalation and exhalation.  If other thoughts are trying to enter your mind, don’t stop them as the more you stop them the more stubborn they will get.  Let them all enter but you make sure that you don’t leave your focus point i.e., inhalation and exhalation.  The more you practice the better you will get at it.

Stress is a major deterrent to staying young and healthy as the adrenaline rush gets our heart exhausted and in turn affects the entire circulatory system.

Another way to defeat stress is to do something that you love to do.  Please find time for doing your most favorite thing in a day.  Trust me this really would make you happy.

Sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day.  Lack of sleep gets one depressed and oversleeping makes one lazy and that is why we have to strike the right balance.

  1. 4.        Eat the right way:

Avoid eating in large quantities.  If you really like the food, then keep it for another serving after a couple of hours.  Do not drink cold water or any other drink while you are eating as this hampers your digestion and gives you a paunch.  If you want, you may drink Luke warm water as this aids in the process of digestion.

Do not drink water before 20-30 min after you have finished your meals.  Do not smoke after meals as this is one of the most hazardous thing one can to do to themselves.

  1. 5.        Dress the way you want:

Please use your own discretion to dress the way you are comfortable.  One could be 16 yrs old or 65 years old, they should be able to carry off what they wear.  Most importantly if you got a body that you can flaunt, then why not?  Please do not consider remarks of some ageists as they really don’t matter.  What do you know; it just may be the same as “Oh!  The grapes are sour!”

  1. 6.        Keep away from some people:

Please stay away from people who stress you out.  There are some people who would like to put you down just to prove a point or are extremely judgmental, and they are so capable of getting you depressed, which is completely contrary to your goals.

Also, there are people who condemn us if we do not display an age-appropriate code of conduct, as set by their own selves and the moment you hear those ageist remarks, your bell should start ringing.  Stay Away!  Stay Away!  Stay Away!

So please stay focused and know how to modestly avoid the company of such people.  If you can’t figure this out then practicing all the other tips would go in vain.

  1. 7.        The company that you must keep:

Be in the company of people who get you engaged and are constructive, as the maturity in them drives you closer to your goals.  When someone’s company makes you feel good and you come back home more assimilated than you were before then you know that it’s the right company and what you need to do.

  1. 8.        Pamper yourself:

Once in a fortnight just go ahead and pamper yourself.  Just walk into a massage parlor or get in for a beauty therapy that relaxes your nerves.  This will make you feel good.  Or just go shopping all by yourself if you don’t find company and get yourself some cool stuff.

Cook some good food just for yourself even if there’s no body else to savor it.  There are a plethora of things you can do to make the inner yourself happy so just figure out and do it.

  1. 9.        Please do not take yourself too seriously:

“How could he do this to me?”, “why me?”  …  when questions like these come up in your mind, its is likely that you would get grumpy and the happiness would vanish.  Remember, nobody except for yourself takes you so seriously.  Therefore take everything with a pinch of salt and focus back on your goals.

  1. 10.     Don’t get bogged down:

Set backs and downfalls are a part of life just like success is.  Success is a reward for your ability to stay put, while you were faced with your downfalls.  So take everything as a lesson and be glad that you are richer by one lesson and move on with your undeterred perseverance.  This will add tremendous confidence to your personality and boost your self-esteem.

  1. 11.     Pack up and get going:

Once in a while travel to places, either alone or along with the people you like to be with.  Travelling rejuvenates you and it is very important for a healthy mind and body.  Even if it’s not very far away place but away from home and one must do this at least once in 6 months.

  1. 12.     Keep your brain working and busy:

Don’t be idle.  You are the best one to know if your mind is engaged with productive thoughts or not.  If not, then get your brain to do some constructive work now.  Read, write, blog, construct, decorate, design, study, social work or do anything that would add value to yourself and your surroundings.

Catch up with the latest happenings around you and be completely updated on the time & age that you are living in.

The last but not the least, is for you to be passionate enough about staying young and healthy.  Be a self motivator and do it.