With OSHO it’s the easy way out !!!

You know when you are hungry and you need food, you have two options – one is to steal someone else’s food or to earn it the hard way. The hunger pangs can get you so desperate that a normal human tendency is to just grab an opportunity to steal the meal and not do some petty job and wait for it to get over till you can buy your food. And just then imagine a spiritual leader coming your way and telling you to do what your mind tells you to…….

None of the scriptures or religious gospels have undermined the value of commitment or a relationship and have encouraged non-committal sex. But here the sage is on a comfortable throne giving his gospels on the freedom to have sex and to divorce the married partners. If man was to follow the freedom that he is talking about then what do you mean by “taming your mind” that all our spiritual and religious books have been revered for. Then he talks about meditation while having sex…and here our scriptures tell us that any form of material pleasure would not lead us to the path of salvation.

Then in his speeches he spoke about the ways to have sex…I really don’t see the point in people having to go to his ashram to learn this. They can simply watch KAMASUTRA or watch some world-class movies made on it… in fact they can also visit the caves of Khajuraho to get it right.

The entire purpose of following spirituality is to learn how to control your mind to enjoy the little joys of life. Defying the purpose and proclaiming that he is a rich man’s guru is absolutely despicable. Imagine a married couple going through tough times in their relationship and happens to meet this man…Gosh !!! I think he will make sure that the commitment is over in no time as their minds are starving and all they need is an easy way out…. A true spiritual guru should be able to counsel you and make you see the positive and constructive side to your life. He should be able to hold your hands through the dark times and get you to see the light by calming down your senses. Anyone offering  a fast-track solution can only be a deprived mind that wants the entire world walking along with it and to some extent the oratorship complements this motive.

Then he said, if only everyone divorced their spouses, all illegitimate acts would get over such as, prostitution. I don’t know how he derived this analysis as according to my calculations, dating and making love would become a money-making racket for most of the people giving way to an unethical and emotionally detached world. People who wouldn’t be able to detach themselves, would kill for love…So I don’t know which level of insanity it is to be able to deliver a speech like this. If the speech has an inner meaning to it on a higher level, then perhaps as an average person I did not get it right. But my idea of a guru is someone who can relate to his followers and influence their minds in the right direction while speaking in a way that they can correctly comprehend.

My thoughts on this so-called guru is beyond contempt and I think this is not the way to lead towards detachment. We have better examples if one wants to follow spiritual guidance or attain salvation.