Stoles and You: 5 Stole Styling Tips

Stoles, Scarves and Shawls are totally synonymous with each other for today’s fashionistas. While it may be surprising to know that the three little words above owe their ancestry to different places, at different times and for different purposes. Stoles are believed to have found its origin during the biblical times where Jesus used to clean his disciples feet with it and then it started being used by the priests. Scarves were used by Roman men to keep clean from the sweat in warm weather while shawls were woven on Pashmina by the Kashmiris in the 1600s to keep warm.  One thing common in them was that they were all used by men initially.

Now that women realized that the three S’s could be gracefully used by them, they also innovated new styling techniques with these accessories.

Let’s discuss the top 5 ways to use the three S’s in order to give you a different look every time:

Sport a killer biker’s look: Team up an artistic stole with a white half sleeves T-shit and blue denim. Wear your high-neck brown moots and do not forget to wear that attitude without which no look is complete…Your aviator sunglasses would definitely complement the attire..

A Formal Corporate look: What works better than a pure silk stole neatly draped around your neck on a business suit? A pair of stilettos, a stone studded silver watch and silver ear studs would add to the glory.

A desi girl look: Well, there’s a difference between a desi girl look and the so called “behenji” look and I’m sure all you girls out there would agree with me! It all depends on how you carry the yourself in that attire…Always remember, we do not accessorize to hide anything but to accentuate our style quotient…therefore stop wearing a stole because you are told that you have to…wear it in style and wear it your way in the color combination you feel is right for your kurti or salwar kameez…My personal style is Pure Cotton kurti in a pastel shade on blue denim with a bright color stole or a shawl (my favorite would be a stole with with mural paintings) draped around my neck (some of my draping styles mentioned below)..I don’t mind carrying  a bright colored scarf instead of a stole with this attire… 😉


Of course a beat the winters look: This is one of my most favorite looks but Alas! Hardly get a chance to flaunt this one..Hardly any winters in Goa. A chequered woollen shawl around your head and shoulders with your black long coat and high boots with black wayfarers is the smartest of all the looks. Check it out the next time if you already haven’t.

A casual matter-of-fact look: A shawl can be very handy if you are stepping into a theatre or a shopping mall or even offices as the centralized Air conditioning is not customized to suit everyone’s needs..So why carry the shawl in your bag for such times? Just drape it around yourself casually and be a head turner for your beautiful collection and your unique style..

I feel there’s no good or bad style, it’s all about how you carry yourself around. Don’t forget to wear that smile with attitude…

Style tip: Infuse art in your style and that speaks volumes about your personality in unspoken words…


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