8 quick Home décor tips for an upcoming House Party

What do you do when you get a call from your pals saying they want to jam up at your place or what would you do differently for the upcoming kitty party scheduled in your house this week…..here are a few ideas:

  1. Buy a collection of Indian Tapestry wall hangings or bed covers ready…they are pretty affordable so you can keep a collection  of different colors and designs. If there’s a Baithak arrangement in your hall then a psychedelic or a mandala wall hanging would complement it…Buy them in little bigger sizes so that you can interchange the usage between wall hangings and throw bed covers. These are easy to change and cuts the monotony                          .17
  2. Arrange for a hookah and some brass wine glasses with a Surahi to create a royal presentation.                                                                                    SRHCF101SRHCF155                                                    SRHCF195                                              How about adding some fun n color to your dining table with this intricately designed quirky tissue holder…A crochet tissue holder
  3. Make your walls look vibrant with some contemporary paintings on canvas. A sufi saint or an abstract series of waves. Sometimes a contrasting wall décor adds a lot of fun to your interiors. You may also choose the 3D posters or the traditional gemstone paintings.                     IMG-20150311-WA0012 7    1   IMG-20150425-WA0000
  4. Ensure the wall clocks are in tandem with the contemporary or traditional look that you choose.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 BC9903SRHCF107SR4HCF366
  5. The cutlery selection could be varied starting from wooden to brass makes. Serving trays and bowls also add to the ambience of the party.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            SRHCF129SRHCF266SRHCF307SR4HCF374


6.Entertaining your guests could be easier if you got some games or some easy musical instruments handy. A classy game for a friends get together could be a Chessboard and for a more musically inclined group a Karaoke , a beautifully designed flute or a bugle could be good options.

SRHCF169SRHCF179                                               SRHCF210

7. Dont forget your furnishings. Keep options ready so that your next party doesn’t look repetitive.

COMB150      CC-023

8. You may accessorize your walls, table tops, floor or showcases to add more glamour to the venue by using some of these accessories.


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Gift suggestions – Top Five Series

While there are handful of options to consider about what to gift to your near and dear friends, colleagues and family members, no deal of ideas may satisfy you sometimes. So, here we are to give you a quick pick of how differently you can go about with gifts this time around. Consider these top five gift items that can make the occassion so special.

# Dry Fruits – Keeping the trends alive, a dry fruit box can complement the traditional sweets and savories, if not replace them. You can choose dry fruits because they are healthy and can be shared among friends, more importantly they fit in to the bill when the talk is all about gifts. Don’t ignore the packaging convince too.



# Handicrafts –how about picking up a gift that can capture memories too? Yes, stuff like marble handicrafts and Rajasthani handicraft collection will seldom fail to impress. Souvenirs from the western, Eastern, northeren and central India would surely make your gifts quirky and bring out the richness of Indian Art and craft..Handicrafts are magical for relationships and isn’t that an open secret you always knew about?



# Ethnic Wear –what else can you think about traditionally welcoming your loved ones home other than Ethnic Wear? Though recommended for people in the close quarters, it reminds them of your culture and they will never forget what your home is all about.

#Gift Cards – When you don’t know how to really go about shopping because you wouldn’t even know what to buy, gift your friends the access to indulge. Gift cards as they call it are your answer to uncertainty as you can rely on them to do wonders this season.

# Freedom Shopping – Do your know your choice of gifts can upset your friends and loved ones at times? It’s time you free yourself from the expectations of your vicious circle, take the path of freedom to gift and it’s pretty simple. Gift the freedom to shop to your dear ones and feel the difference.

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Dining options in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most populated cities of British Columbia in Canada.  This seaport coastal city is amongst the most beautiful and scenic ones in the world.  It’s breathtaking beauty and it’s ecological intelligence with the diversity of culture, has been the reason for it being ranked regularly as one of the most liveable cities worldwide, in the Annual quality-of-life surveys.

It’s a delight to be dining in this magnificent city of Vancouver.  It offers a plethora of options with delectable cuisine from all across the world.

If you want to savor some Bouef bourguignon which is a stew of braised beef in red wine and other seasonings or you want to have a French traditional soup made of onions and beef stock, you will find it all here.  There are some reputed French fine dining restaurants that serve authentic mouth watering French cuisines.  Not to mention the luscious and fragrant French wine and of course a diverse French cheese platter which has something for all palates.  Some of the best known restaurants recommended by the locals across the city are Lumpier Restaurants, Le Crocodile, Provence Marina side, etc., .

Then there is a wide variety for the worlds most popular cuisine.  Yes, we are talking about the Chinese cuisine.  Tickle your taste buds with the most authentic tofu or a sweet n Sour pork (chicken).  Also, the wide variety of Juicy wontons made in the traditional way in different Chinese regional sauces would be a delight to savor.  The spring rolls, peking duck and noodles that you will get in Vancouver wouldn’t be any less that what you would get in China.  So go ahead and start your dinner with a refreshing Chinese soup.  Some popular Chinese restaurants in Vancouver are Kirin Seafood restaurant, Toko Foods, Hon’s Wun-Tun House etc.

Don’t be disappointed if you have a liking for the tangy and spicy masalas from India. One can get Tandooris and tikkas both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian as well as the briyanis and the pulaos.  The shorbas are not less accompanied by Indian breads.  Vij’s, Palki, Maurya are some of the popular Indian restaurants in Vancouver.

Not to forget the chicken in skewers grilled over charcoal called Yakitori, a famous Japanese dish which can be accompanied with a large glass of beer and Ramen (long Chinese noodles cooked in a variety of sauces).  Well, then comes the Sushi which is one of the most popular dishes outside Japan.  There are restaurants which specialize in preparing Sushi almost in every corner of the city and these are thronged by locals as well as celebrities.

Italian food is quite a delight to the palate.  The pizzas, pastas, Italian breads with the grilled and poached vegetables/meat/fish etc are the most easily available ones.  The French and Dutch influenced Belgian restaurants are a common sight here.  There are a lot of grill and Satay bars that may attract your attention.

Thus, diversity in culture truly reflects in the availabilty of varied cuisine all around the city. The restaurants are not only known for their delicious food or beverage but also for the service provided.  Generally people from Vancouver are well known for their friendly and hospitable nature, which in turn reflects in the service provided. So just get, set and go ! Just log in to one of the gastronomical sites on the web to pick one of the restaurants that suit your taste and to book your table for  this evening …