3 Things that make a celebrity look the way she does ….

Whats so special about a celebrity? Fame, looks, popularity etc.

Lets look at it this way:

  1. It’s mostly about what she thinks about herself and how much she believes in  what she does
  2. The confidence exudes in her personality giving her an edge over the mediocre
  3. The clothes she wears and the way she grooms herself up

If we start from point no.3, its not that difficult to get there step by step. These day its really easy to get the most fashionable dresses at the most affordable pricing at the click of a mouse.

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Aish Peach EXPSAR301

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Be Happy ! Believe in yourself as you are a celebrity in your own domain…..Spread the Cheer!

Love Bengal Handloom? Here’s why its Heritage is admired by all generations…

The uniqueness in Bengali way of going about festivals and special occasions is always identified with traditional overtones which can be simply referred to as part of the rich heritage of Bengal. Talking about Bengal’s heritage and isolating handloom designs and creations is as good as shifting the entire focus away from Bengal itself. Though no amount of scholarship can justifiably explain the origins of such a rich culture, our generation is blessed to retain the best of Bengal’s heritage through handlooms.

Shopping for your choice of Handpainted Sarees or Pure Cotton Sarees is another kind of excitement that captures every woman’s imagination.

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You will always end up finding something more appealing, Handwoven Sarees for instance haven’t failed to impress many for years. Any reference to Pure Silk often takes our imagination towards Bengal and rightly so the amazing range of silk saree collections including Matka Silk, Sonamukhi Silk and Tassar Silk have always kept the heritage alive. It also goes beyond any doubt that Bengal handloom is not just about quality material, but its essence lies in the artistic work that is absolutely creative. Great sense of creativity blend with traditional identities is encrypted through concepts like Baluchari, Naksha Border and Batik Print.

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It is quite natural for anyone to imagine why Bengal handloom creations are admired across the world and loved by all generations, the diversity within speaks for itself. The thriving handloom industry has also risen to its new heights with the emergence of e-commerce solutions and online shopping avenues.

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