8 quick Home décor tips for an upcoming House Party

What do you do when you get a call from your pals saying they want to jam up at your place or what would you do differently for the upcoming kitty party scheduled in your house this week…..here are a few ideas:

  1. Buy a collection of Indian Tapestry wall hangings or bed covers ready…they are pretty affordable so you can keep a collection  of different colors and designs. If there’s a Baithak arrangement in your hall then a psychedelic or a mandala wall hanging would complement it…Buy them in little bigger sizes so that you can interchange the usage between wall hangings and throw bed covers. These are easy to change and cuts the monotony                          .17
  2. Arrange for a hookah and some brass wine glasses with a Surahi to create a royal presentation.                                                                                    SRHCF101SRHCF155                                                    SRHCF195                                              How about adding some fun n color to your dining table with this intricately designed quirky tissue holder…A crochet tissue holder
  3. Make your walls look vibrant with some contemporary paintings on canvas. A sufi saint or an abstract series of waves. Sometimes a contrasting wall décor adds a lot of fun to your interiors. You may also choose the 3D posters or the traditional gemstone paintings.                     IMG-20150311-WA0012 7    1   IMG-20150425-WA0000
  4. Ensure the wall clocks are in tandem with the contemporary or traditional look that you choose.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 BC9903SRHCF107SR4HCF366
  5. The cutlery selection could be varied starting from wooden to brass makes. Serving trays and bowls also add to the ambience of the party.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            SRHCF129SRHCF266SRHCF307SR4HCF374


6.Entertaining your guests could be easier if you got some games or some easy musical instruments handy. A classy game for a friends get together could be a Chessboard and for a more musically inclined group a Karaoke , a beautifully designed flute or a bugle could be good options.

SRHCF169SRHCF179                                               SRHCF210

7. Dont forget your furnishings. Keep options ready so that your next party doesn’t look repetitive.

COMB150      CC-023

8. You may accessorize your walls, table tops, floor or showcases to add more glamour to the venue by using some of these accessories.


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Gift suggestions – Top Five Series

While there are handful of options to consider about what to gift to your near and dear friends, colleagues and family members, no deal of ideas may satisfy you sometimes. So, here we are to give you a quick pick of how differently you can go about with gifts this time around. Consider these top five gift items that can make the occassion so special.

# Dry Fruits – Keeping the trends alive, a dry fruit box can complement the traditional sweets and savories, if not replace them. You can choose dry fruits because they are healthy and can be shared among friends, more importantly they fit in to the bill when the talk is all about gifts. Don’t ignore the packaging convince too.



# Handicrafts –how about picking up a gift that can capture memories too? Yes, stuff like marble handicrafts and Rajasthani handicraft collection will seldom fail to impress. Souvenirs from the western, Eastern, northeren and central India would surely make your gifts quirky and bring out the richness of Indian Art and craft..Handicrafts are magical for relationships and isn’t that an open secret you always knew about?



# Ethnic Wear –what else can you think about traditionally welcoming your loved ones home other than Ethnic Wear? Though recommended for people in the close quarters, it reminds them of your culture and they will never forget what your home is all about.

#Gift Cards – When you don’t know how to really go about shopping because you wouldn’t even know what to buy, gift your friends the access to indulge. Gift cards as they call it are your answer to uncertainty as you can rely on them to do wonders this season.

# Freedom Shopping – Do your know your choice of gifts can upset your friends and loved ones at times? It’s time you free yourself from the expectations of your vicious circle, take the path of freedom to gift and it’s pretty simple. Gift the freedom to shop to your dear ones and feel the difference.

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Oh Really !!! Tanjore Painting’s making a Fashion Statement !

Walls without adornments are mere partitions and what could be a better way to embellish them than with one of the most primitive art forms of India, born in the 16th century during the rule of the Nayakas and the Marathas, in the southern part of India.

Tanjore paintings were primarily made to depict different Indian deities and rulers. However, this painting form has evolved over the years into a more creative one and is expanding its domain to figurative and landscapes.

Bagwad GitaKrishna 3

It can be creatively used to give a very contemporary look to a setup by bringing in a flavor of fusion culture between the west and the east.

Did you Know that use of this art is no more restricted to the beautification of walls but has found its way into the apparel designing and fashion accessories segments.  Prints of Tanjore paintings are being used   on bag, accessories and clothes.


The DeZire collection of Art Jewellery boasts of some exclusive Tanjore Jewellery sets which makes a big fashion statement if clubbed with Indian or Arabic traditional wear.

An eye for beauty and  the craze for exclusivity made this art-form claim its unique place in the global platform.

Did you Know about Ahimsa Silk / Peace Silk / Vegetarian Silk ?

Here are some interesting facts about Silk production. A great respite for vegetarians and sections who protest against cruelty to animals. Vegetarian silk is made from the cocoon of the silkworm without killing the pupae.  The silkworm which is actually a caterpillar and not a worm is allowed to hatch after metamorphosis  and then the cocoon is used to make the silk. When the metamorphosis happens the moth escapes by making holes in the cocoon which results in the final silk product being a little bumpy at places although the feel is softer. The bumps happen due to the short length of silk fibers resulting from holes in the cocoon.

The more labour intensive procedure of extraction makes it more expensive. However, this kind of silk produced mostly in southern India is exported worldwide and is high in demand.

The five biggest producer of Silk in India are Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. China is the biggest producer in the world followed by India.

Pure Silk clothes such as the stoles and shawls are considered to be very comfortable and make a great style statement.

Top 3 links to shop online for silk stoles are

  1. http://bit.ly/1vFN7J0
  2. 2. http://ebay.to/1d3032D
  3. http://bit.ly/1G2pn8d

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Live the Shades of Fun and Adventure with Camping

Since the early 20th century, camping has been one of the most preferred outdoor recreational activities. Camping is about living the tranquility of open air spaces, away from the noises of everyday life. This activity may call for the use of a tent, cabin, caravan, Motor home, an ancient structure or absolutely no no roof over your head. Camping may also mean a high value at a low cost accommodation for people attending sporting or musical events.

A camping planned well and combined with other outdoor activities can turn out to be an adventure of a lifetime. For example, hiking is another activity that goes hand in hand with camping. To name a few more activities that complement camping are fishing, hill walking, mountain biking, swimming, white water kayaking, canoeing, etc.,. There are several travel planners who have  a plethora of lucrative packages available and they also custom make  packages as per your requirements. This kind of arrangement is very convenient for the novices. In fact, it is also a lot of fun to plan it yourself if you are an experienced camper.

A camping activity may be classified into different categories depending on the nature of it. Some of the classifications are mentioned below:

Mobile Camping:

The most popular and the cheapest form of mobile camping is backpacking. A backpacker needs to carry everything they would need to survive during their camping period on their backs. This gives a true sense of the wilderness and for it to be accomplished one needs to be in good physical condition. This can be extremely thrilling but at the same time can wear you out too. With the latest innovations in camping equipments, there are a lot of them that come with lighter weights than it used to be 50 years ago. For example, ultra-light synthetic fabrics, Titanium cookware, heat-molded hip straps, and down sleeping bags are much lighter than their predecessors. Mobile Camping also involves using animals like mules and horses as ride-ons or for carrying the equipments. Cycling and sailing are also favored by a lot of backpackers.

Social Camping:

This form of camping brings together all the like minded campers from different geographical locations . There are organizations across the world that arrange for these kind of camps and invite people to join them. In addition to being recreational, they can be a lot of fun for families, children or single campers. It brings about a sense of bonding between people who didn’t even know each other and creates a lasting relationship.

Some interesting specialized camps:

Glamping: This is for campers who do not want to miss out on the luxuries that they are used to while they are camping. This kind of camping is quite an expensive affair though there are different rates for different levels of luxury. Glamping site lodging structures include Yurts, tipis, pods, bell, tents, cabins and tree houses. This is all about camping in style while being in the comforts of your living room.

Adventure Camping: It includes mostly adventure racing or mountain biking. Bare minimum camping equipments like microcamping stove, sleeping bag and bivouac bag, are used.

Historical Camping: This camping is about going back to an era or period in history and reenacting the livelihood of that period. Equipments used are custom made. The purpose is enjoyment, thrill or educational.

Urban camping: Camping outdoors overnight in an urban locality.

Survivalist: Surviving in the wild and depending on the nature, for your meals. This also calls for obtaining first aid and emergency relief from the nature.

Minimalist: Carrying very few equipments and camping gear, is the style of these campers.

Winter Camping: Campers sleep or spend the night outdoors in the winter and when it snows. The methods used to survive is building shelters in the snow like igloos, quinzhees and snow caves. Wearing layered clothes and staying dry are as important as eating the right kind of feed to keep the body warm from within. Use of sleeping and bivouac bags are imperative.

Workcamping: Campers offer their services to camp sites in lieu of free shelter in the camps.

Equipments used for Camping:

Some of the camping gears used by backpackers and by glampers are truly astounding and resembles home in mini packets. Let’s take a look at what they are:

–          Sleeping bag onesies

–          Biolight camp / stove charges

–          Water trampoline

–          Pocket shower

–          Hanging cupboard

–          Portable washing machine

–          Netted hammock

–          Double sleeping bag

–          Beautifully designed Tents

–          Fire crystals

–          Inflatable tent

–          Trunk kitchen / bar

–          Off-road commode

–          Camping chair

–          Solar fire starter

–          Solar powered water bottle with cap  light

–          Swiss Army knife

–          Waterproof solar lamp

–          Hand-crank blender

–          Portable kitchen folding up in a suitcase

–          Bed tents

–          Pet tents

–          Cast iron waffle maker

–          A grilling basket

–          Portable sink

–          Glow in the dark ball set

–          Hitch camping chairs

–          Stackable eating set

–          A mini flashlight

–          Glow in the dark tape

–          Propane coffee maker

–          Popane party hub grill

Camping is all about having fun and discovering the primitive way of living life. Let’s go ahead and discover the savage side in you.

Beware of DOG’s opposite gender !!!

Reasons one should beware of them:

  • They can run you out of your fuel / energy
  • They can get your confidence down to the pit bottom
  • The irritation can get tough to handle
  • They also can get you extremely angry and desperate

How to handle them:

  • Pick up a stone to scare them out but don’t hit, as they are a weak hearted breed
  • Don’t try to change them as they will not
  • Don’t hurt them, after all they are the more sensitive gender
  • Read into the cues for when it’s going to get tough for you and immediately disappear

But rest assured, they are not going to bite you….So enjoy the phenomenon !!!