What’s in Nepal for me? Lets Find Out….

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Quench your thirst for adventure !!! Discover Nepal which is the world’s most loved trekking and mountaineering destination. Be it a trek to the Kathmandu valley enjoying the breathtaking views while interacting with the locals along the various trails or an overnight hike from Pokhara which is the heart of several trekking routes alongside a lake. That is not it, infact the Everest is the biggest catch and there are innumerable trails that leads you to the top or perhaps to the foothills through snowclad peaks, creaking glaciers and snow desserts. If trekking is not what you are looking for then white water rafting is the other adventure that’s waiting for you.

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One of the world class destinations for rafting with broad rapids with water showering down from the Himalayas especially in the Trisuli River awaits your advent. Paragliding and parahawking under the guidance of trained hawks and eagles are quite attractive options.

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What about saddling up on an elephant back and going for a wild life safari in the Chitwan forest which is home to one-horned Rhinoceros and Royal Bengal Tigers ? Carry lifetime memories of this picturesque forest and its grasslands with the rare animal species it houses.

Engage with the Hindu ascetics and Buddhist monks to learn about their religion and culture. Visit the Pagodas, Stupas,Temples and Monasteries while you relive their history.

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Oh Really !!! Tanjore Painting’s making a Fashion Statement !

Walls without adornments are mere partitions and what could be a better way to embellish them than with one of the most primitive art forms of India, born in the 16th century during the rule of the Nayakas and the Marathas, in the southern part of India.

Tanjore paintings were primarily made to depict different Indian deities and rulers. However, this painting form has evolved over the years into a more creative one and is expanding its domain to figurative and landscapes.

Bagwad GitaKrishna 3

It can be creatively used to give a very contemporary look to a setup by bringing in a flavor of fusion culture between the west and the east.

Did you Know that use of this art is no more restricted to the beautification of walls but has found its way into the apparel designing and fashion accessories segments.  Prints of Tanjore paintings are being used   on bag, accessories and clothes.


The DeZire collection of Art Jewellery boasts of some exclusive Tanjore Jewellery sets which makes a big fashion statement if clubbed with Indian or Arabic traditional wear.

An eye for beauty and  the craze for exclusivity made this art-form claim its unique place in the global platform.

The dread and wonder of shopping new cars or how I spent my President’s Day weekend.

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Gods of Advertising


“The operation can wait. I want the E class!”

What did I do on President’s Day weekend? Why the most patriotic thing an American can do: I went car shopping!

Yes, my beloved 2008 Saab Aero is at that point in its lifespan where the updates and repairs are no longer worth it, especially considering the Saab Motor Company is defunct. Without a knowledgeable dealership, flushing the transmission (a surprisingly costly process on any car) would be even more maddening. Midas and Jiffy Lube told me they didn’t know how to do it. In addition, the new muffler I require would have to be special-ordered, parts and labor exceeding $800 dollars. And then there’s my Check Ignition light that has been haunting me for weeks. The diagnostic check at Jiffy Lube was a Saab code cryptically stating “cylinder #1.”

And so my love affair with Saab must come to an…

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Did you Know about Ahimsa Silk / Peace Silk / Vegetarian Silk ?

Here are some interesting facts about Silk production. A great respite for vegetarians and sections who protest against cruelty to animals. Vegetarian silk is made from the cocoon of the silkworm without killing the pupae.  The silkworm which is actually a caterpillar and not a worm is allowed to hatch after metamorphosis  and then the cocoon is used to make the silk. When the metamorphosis happens the moth escapes by making holes in the cocoon which results in the final silk product being a little bumpy at places although the feel is softer. The bumps happen due to the short length of silk fibers resulting from holes in the cocoon.

The more labour intensive procedure of extraction makes it more expensive. However, this kind of silk produced mostly in southern India is exported worldwide and is high in demand.

The five biggest producer of Silk in India are Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. China is the biggest producer in the world followed by India.

Pure Silk clothes such as the stoles and shawls are considered to be very comfortable and make a great style statement.

Top 3 links to shop online for silk stoles are

  1. http://bit.ly/1vFN7J0
  2. 2. http://ebay.to/1d3032D
  3. http://bit.ly/1G2pn8d

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