What is it about Kutch and its craftmanship?

It is more than fascinating to know some of the finest details about Indian art and culture that invariably has the footprints of an artistic imagination. Handicraft and embroidery are key aspects of our rich, traditional and native practices, which are now finding their place in the modern day fashion and lifestyle scenarios. Talking about hand embroidered products is shallow and incomplete without reflecting up on the Kutch Handicraft products, mirror work blouses, sling bags and potlis represent the uniqueness of Kutch’s landscape of innovation.

HBB_2_Front HEBB2_Front HSBB_3

People familiar with ancient handicraft practices often credit the introduction of mirror work to the creative thinking of Kutch craftsmen. It is their passion for brighter colors, flashy and attractive outfits that is often remembered as the real inspiration behind many awe inspiring designs. Tote bags and party clutches or purses are some of the relatively recent editions of the same genera.

HCP_1_Back HCP_4_Back HCP_7_BackHCP_2_Back

If you are wondering what really differentiates Kutch Handicraft from other traditional handicraft products, the answer lies in the nature of products itself. These are regular utility products you can wear and carry along which is different from the ones that are used for mere display or to enrich your home décor. Kutch is an integral facet of Gujarat and not surprisingly its culture is reflected in the fashion sense of Gujarati people, and the same culture is appreciated by the people of neighboring states. You will also appreciate the growing empathy with products and solutions that redefine the regional identities.

HHB_1_Front  HHB_5_Front

Did you know the significance of Mirror work in Kutch embroidery? Well since its an artwork from the deserts, only mirror signals work around the year and can save lives if one is lost in its vastness. It’s the ancient S.O.S. system that still works. Interesting, isnt’t it ?

HBU_1_Front HCJ_4_Front

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