Home Décor with traditional artifacts inspired by Bastar Arts

What makes your Home Décor complete? It’s a million dollar question for every enthusiast of home furnishing and interior designs. Perhaps the right way to go about is to figure out what is missing in your collection of interiors. When you actually do that, it is virtually impossible for you to miss out on Bastar Art collections from Chattisgarh unless you already have them decorating your living room. Don’t forget that the classic Dhokara or Dhokra art products can also fit into the gift item categories you would love to share with your friends and family.

Bastar Tribal Art - Lord GaneshaBM 10122 Elephant Golden and Red with candle stand 2MO 10107 Momento Love pairBM0907151 Cow and Calf (4)

A quick overview of the traditional significance and techniques used in making these artifacts can generate more interest, beyond the identity of Home Décor concepts. The modern day creations of Baster Art are made from the bell metal, brass and bronze combinations which are entirely different from the traditional practices pioneered by tribal craftsmen. They used ‘lost wax technique’ to create handicrafts that are unique to the Bastar region. The techniques and choice of materials have also been evolving which also reflects the impact of maturing culture and civilizations. However, being a region inherited by the tribal communities followed by princely regimes, Bastar is a classic example of retaining the original artistic spirit. Overall we know that the modern day art concepts and products are modified to increase scalability and sustainability while keeping the core of design thinking and traditional impressions intact.

BM 18103 Boat Peacock 11 rider Colour (2)BM 14110Turtle Tree Candle Stand copper 1BM 13107 Tribal head Pair (2)                  big1.1752970.1

Though it is invariably true that online shopping has given the much needed oxygen to revive traditional art and craftsmanship, the demand for authentic and reliable Indian Handicrafts remain on the edge. Be glad and cheer up for you have CheerKart, a traditional online store with awesome range of artistic products including Bastar Art CollectionsBastar Art Gallery from Chattisgarh.

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