A wanted Man by Lee child

Yet another addition to the renowned Jack Reacher series. I would count Jim Grant alias Lee Child in the league of super intelligent writers. The way he creates a situation and then goes about breaking the codes in military sign language is completely mind blowing.  He takes you into his own thrilling world full of action where you get hooked on to his ideas through his writing.

Jack Reacher with his broken nose and battered clothes unveils a mystery about a Syrian terrorist organization “Wadiah”, that FBI fails to do. It’s a sheer game of his common sense and his ex-militia skills. This plot is exemplary of an ideal coordination between reflexes and skill.  He really surprises one with his eye for the finer details while on the ground. Till the last line of the book, you would still be reading about  revealing of the biggest secret of Wadiah….Well, I don’t want to kill the suspense by narrating the story here, but I will leave you with a clue….”Do you know how Wadiah raised money to run its organization?” Ponder while you read…please share your reviews on this book..

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