The Kite Runner by Khaled Hoseini

It is a masterpiece that can make your heart ache with the desire of being there for the small little angels of the troubled cities of Afghanistan. The spurt in egression to Pakistan, America and other parts of the world, triggered by the Russian takeover and followed by the Taliban regime, speak volumes about the atrocities on the civilians.  Khaled’s vocalization in the form of a series of events in this story is truly commendable. The ruthless killings of the innocent and rampaging one village after the other is just a glimpse of the animosity unfolded by the Taliban. The insanity of these human monsters would drive you crazy and you will find yourself cringing for the kids of that land.

This is a story of a boy whose mother passed away giving birth to him and about how he strives for the better half of his life to get his father’s attention. In the bargain, he gets his ties estranged with his best childhood friend in a way that they never meet again. It was very late in his life that the biggest revelation comes his way where he was told that the friend whom he had severed his ties with, many years back, was his half brother. The guilt of his sinful and cowardly act makes him an insomniac. The author presents this situation beautifully with one of the characters making a profound statement that meant anybody without a heart and conscience would never suffer. It’s human to suffer and then look for redemption. It was his redemption to go back to Taliban affected Afghanistan to rescue his half brother’s son from the merciless Talib demons.

This story is a real eye opener to the ones completely oblivious to the pain and suffering in Afghanistan and awakens ones moral.

I recommend this as a ‘Must Read’ for all !!!


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