Google Analytics

Google analytics is a mighty analytical tool launched in the year 2006 by google. Statistical analysis of traffic for online marketing and campaigns, couldn’t have been simpler without this spectacular apparatus. Google analytics in short, is a data-mining intelligence that provides a revolutionary perspective to traffic generation in the world of online advertisers.

5 major benefits of Google analytics:

Tracking Business conversion:

This indeed is a system meant not for the web masters but for marketers and business Owners. A business without being tracked for conversion is a complete contrariness to business objectives and  goals. Google analytics help you segregate the traffic density demographically.  It also displays the keywords used to pull up your website. The data generated is enormous and the conclusive trend analysis that it may provide is unbelievable.

You can use this data to focus your campaign around specific market segments to target a niche crowd. SEO customization of key words as per your marketing strategy may also be aided by information derived from this tool. Apart from this, the data provided in terms of the amount of time spent on your website, number of new or returning visitors is quite enlightening. It’s important to bear in mind that all of this information can be used in some way or the other, but may be differently for every business.

The yield from Social networking:

Google analytics help to track the productivity from campaigning on social networking sites. What sets it apart from the other tools is the fact that it tracks performance for all networking sites on one dashboard. Social networking is the most effective way to connect with a wider range of audience through friends and family thereby integrating the most important  factor i.e., trust, in your campaigns. This makes it imperative for the business owners to study the variations from this angle and make changes as it demands. It is interesting to know the ROI from each one of your networking sites and have a  marketing plan for social networks added to your list of business goals

Scoping the response from Mobile browsing:

There’s a whopping increase in the figures for web-browsing on handsets with the advent of Android and windows mobile operating systems and google analytics provides data on this one too. Fast internet connectivity through 3G and 4G connections have made mobile handsets a more favorable ground for web-browsing. Google Analystics actuates the number of times your website was visited through mobile devices and also the type of device that it was accessed through. This in turn stresses on the urgency of creating mobile enhanced versions of your web pages or the downloadable app versions for mobile devices.


Recording the efficiency of your advertisements:

The first step towards starting a successful business and drawing customers to it, is by advertising your product effectively. Therefore it is of great significance to track the potency of your online ad campaigns done through various channels like online classified ads, emails, affiliates, social media, search engines, floating and popup ads, banner ads, etc. Apart from this Google analytics is also integrated with Adwords and Adsence and determines the lead generation and conversion rates for each one of them individually.

Redesigning your campaigns as per data received from this system may prove to be very beneficial for your business. Although there is a lot of web statistic plugins available, however, the detailing provided by Google analytics is unparalleled.

Evaluation of content adequacy

A web page devoid of any content or effective content doesn’t speak much for its capability to draw traffic. To that end it is of prime importance to analyze data in terms of your content performance.The comments, likes and feedback for your blogs, posts and web pages, speak volumes for the kind of content that would draw the attention of your target audience. This tool gives a lot of direction in upgrading your posts and deciding on topics that would provide an interesting read or information to your prospective customers / clients.





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