Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer

A book well written however there are some loose ends. Elizabeth Barrington is one of my favorite characters from the book. I was quite impressed with the way Archer showcased her intelligence, especially when she sent across the newspaper cutting to the judge with a crossword puzzle solved on it just before she died, to prove that she was in her senses to have changed the will. Although, her role in this edition was limited but was instrumental in driving the story to a climax. The detestable character of Lady Virginia was portrayed well enough to be loathed by all readers. I also quite liked Sebastian Arthur Clifton who displayed maturity well above his age in family matters. Nevertheless Archer also was able to tell us how a teenager of Sebastian’s age can be vulnerable and agile to a lot of worldly matters.

The characters of Emma and Grace Barrington were also well written. Talking about the Martinez boys, I can’t seem to figure out how a criminal mind of such a stature miscalculate the consequences of almost abducting the son of a highly acclaimed author and member of a reputed family with strong political connections, to smuggle fake notes worth 8 million pounds from Buenos Aires to London. There’s another one that I felt was not apt, which is the title of the book. I kept wondering throughout my read as to what the secret was.After more than half the book was read there was this big revelation about Don Pedro’s criminal background. Then came the secret about him trying to send a lot of fake money to London by hiding them in a statue. This was a known to all secret and I wish this was kept more as a secret to readers as well, to justify the name.

Overall a good read. Now I can’t imagine one of my favorite characters dying in a car accident that was deliberately caused by Don Pedro Martinez. Though not revealed by Archer in the book but my feeling is that another series would talk about Sebastian having a narrow escape and I hope not to be wrong……………….

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