Why travel ?!?!?!

Travelling will lead to you discovering things about yourself and your surroundings that you probably never did before. It’s completely addictive. The word beauty would personify itself and you would feel the urge to touch, to converse and to be with it throughout. The true meaning of love would unfold. It’s kind of spiritual and will imperatively invigorate your senses.

Be it the highs of a mountain or the depths of an ocean you will feel the fragrance and bask in the company of nature. You may want to relax on a sunny day at a Cuban or Colombian beach or let yourself get carried away by the gambling hub of the Vegas. There are numerous options, if you want to party hard around the world with the enticing clubs in Ibiza, Thailand,Brazil, etc. Then, there are options for one to go on a pilgrimage tour to the holy land of Israel and Palestine or to the multi- hued land of all religions, called India. Oh yes ! How can we miss out on the relaxation and the rejuvenating camps, meant to stimulate your body and soul, located all across the globe with India being the hub for it. There are several other travelling motivators and in this age of custom  made packages there is no need to worry about a thing, you just need to set your mind and get going. Trust me this is one of the best investments that you would ever make.

To me travelling means being with yourself and doing what you want to do. “Unwind” is the word. It really does not necessarily mean for you to go discovering new places every time you want to travel. It could be returning to the same place again and again as this makes you happy. To me more important is to give yourself time to spend with your inner self and break the monotony of everyday life. Although discovering new places has it’s own beauty. The feeling of being in a new place with unknown people from different cultural and historical background, is ecstatic and may really overpower the adventurous string in you and this emotion cannot be compromised with.

If you did make up your mind to travel across the length and breadth of India or want to travel across the globe in the luxury of world class cruise liners or want some mind blowing international packages, please leave your details in the form below and I promise to personally help you design a tour package that exactly fits your needs.


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